Kinder Morgan’s evidence and marine birds (part I)

Submitted by: Caroline Fox, for BC Nature and Nature Canada

The evidence:

This evidence focuses on impacts to marine birds and highlights how errors in Kinder Morgan’s application misrepresented these impacts. Often these errors tended to minimize or obscure project-related effects. These deficiencies include:

  • The Application relied on limited information regarding the diversity, distribution, abundance and spatiotemporal dynamics of marine birds.
  • The ‘habitat-focused approach’ used to assess the ecological consequences in the PQERA had a number of shortcomings.
  • The selections of marine bird indicator species to represent marine birds in general were unsubstantiated and lacked clarity.
  • Marine bird species at risk were not granted due consideration in the Application.
  • Chronic oil spills were not adequately incorporated as a potential effect.
  • The DQERA contained errors regarding the determination of slick thickness threshold for wildlife mortality and estimates of marine bird mortality.